Manny R. Guerra - Tejano Music Award Producer Paperback Version

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Tejano Music Award Producer by Manny R. Guerra Hardcover Version

Tejano Music Award Producer by Manny R. Guerra Paperback Version

In keeping with the music-oriented theme that has led his life for

nearly seven (7) decades, it can best be said that Manny R. Guerra’s

“road of life tour” has taken him from the “broad way” of secular

music to the narrow-gated road of life-changing truth. Recognized

as a pioneer, his noteworthy achievements in Texas music include

the creation of a genre now widely known as Tejano Music. With

the establishment of the Amen Recording Studio in an ordinary

building on the south side of San Antonio, Manny’s musical insight

and innovation facilitated his attracting, producing, and recording

extremely popular and notable musical talent that included Sunny

and the Sunglows, Joe Bravo, Laura Canales, Ram Herrera, Selena

Quintanilla, Cornelio Reyna, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Roberto

Pulido, the Latin Breed Band, Jimmy Edward, David Marez, Mazz,

La Mafia, Emilio Navaira, La Tropa F, and others.

Manny’s accomplishments include guiding the crossover of

Sunny and the Sunglows from a local Tejano band into the pop

and rock and roll genres, which included appearances on American

Bandstand. Hit songs included “Talk to Me” and “Peanuts” (La

Cacahuata), both of which achieved high ratings on the Billboard,

Cash Box, and Record World record charts.

  en, beginning on Sunday, June 2, 1968, Manny’s road tour

took a 180-degree reversal. He experienced a life-changing calling

from the Master of the Universe. Deeply rooted and accustomed

to his focus and dedication to secular music, Manny wrestled with

turning away from the comforts of his established and successful way

of life to God’s continued calling to forsake the things of this world

in favor of focusing all to His service, in this world and the next. This

book describes the crossover from fame that is fleeting, wealth that

is short-lived, popularity that fades, and success that temporarily

satis  es, to a life of daily walks with the supreme, unchangeable,

and sovereign God of love, mercy, and grace.