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RUDY GUERRA was a member of Sunny & The Sunglows, a group from San Antonio, Texas. They were the first Hispanic musical group who performed to both English and Spanish speaking audiences. The music of Sunny & The Sunglows was a mixture of Mexican and American culture. Their interpretation of Spanish music revealed the influences from the music of their youth: top forty and rhythm and blues. It became known as Tejano music. Leaving the Sunglows, Rudy worked with the Sunliner Band, a spin-off of Sunny & The Sunglows. After several years, he decided to form his own group, 'The Latin Breed Band'.

Rudy's mom, who at 41 years of age had come into a salvation experience, had been praying for her sons. After waiting patiently on the Lord, her prayers were answered. In early 1974, as Rudy toured Florida, he had an experience that would change not only his life, but the lives of select members of the group. As he went about the business of music, he made his peace with God, accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior. Other members of the group also made a commitment of faith, receiving the Lord. Among them, the band's lead vocalist, Jimmy Edward.

Rudy continued to fulfill his commitments to promoters for seven months. All the while announcing that once his scheduled bookings were fulfilled, he was leaving the music business to serve the Lord. Members of the group tried to convince Rudy, "We can live this new life and continue playing dances and concerts while reaching others for Christ." God made it clear in Rudy's heart; he must separate himself from that type of business.

Rudy celebrates his 23rd year of faithfully serving the Lord with his musical interpretations of the Savior's message. Lost souls have been led to the Lord through his witness. Countless thousands of believers have been edified through Rudy's message proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord. His musical message has blessed those who have been present at his services, and reaches those who have heard his music by radio or television. His music is distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and, Central America.

Rudy, his wife Carmen, and their children, spent all of 1992 ministering in Mexico. They were home only 23 days in 1997, and in December 1999 they completed one year of ministering in Guatemala, Central America.

Gracias por todas sus oraciones y por el apoyo al Ministerio de Rudy Guerra.

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